Our clients

Listed below are some of the recent clients we have consulted for in Korea:

Australian-Embassy-Seoul AustTrade Bloomberg Chevron ExxonMobil

Fursys Gov-UK GS-Caltex IRC Kelloggs

Kim-&-Chang Macquarie MLA-Australia New-Zealand-Trade-&-Enterprise norway

What our clients say about us …

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your advice on my work environment and overall wellbeing. I can not tell you how much improved our office lives have been since your training.  ~ April 2011

Thanks to you, I feel much more comfortable at my workstation now, and after you checked all the equipment including the computer on my desk, I feel more stable as you’ve confirmed that all of them are ergonomically OK.  ~ May 2011

Following ergonomic assessment from WorkWell Ergonomic Consulting, morale has been raised since the company paid more attention to illnesses related to the muscle and skeletal structure of its employees. ~ Ku Lee, Manager, MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) Korea; March 2006

References are available from many of our clients. Contact us to be put in touch with them.