• Work ergonomically for greater wellbeing at work

    Work ergonomically for greater wellbeing at work

    WorkWell provides ergonomic office solutions to you and your colleagues to ensure you are working ergonomically with less pain and greater wellbeing at work. A workstation evaluation will increase your comfort and wellbeing at work! We can offer you customized, timely assessment of your office workstation environment.

WorkWell Ergonomics Consulting services include:

  • Comprehensive ergonomic assessment of your office workstation – we come to you!
  • Customized group education sessions teaching correct workstation set-up and enhancing wellbeing at work
  • Assessment of environmental issues including lighting levels, noise issues and air quality
  • Prescription of correct office furniture, ergonomic equipment and physical stretches to promote physical wellbeing
  • Consulting in healthy working practices including work-related stress management
  • Review of Occupational Health and Safety issues in the workplace
  • Ergonomic review of corporate office design plans and refurbishments
  • Timely summary reports including detailed recommendations and follow-up as required
  • Consulting to any sized office from one to 300 staff
  • Ergonomic office consulting throughout Asia